Prefabricated house skeleton

This is the fastest way to build a house. Mounting construction of the elements prepared in the factory saves not only time, but also achieve high quality.

The prefabricated house can not only build in haste (to assemble the elements to a closed shell takes 2-3 days), but also much easier to ensure its quality. Elements of the house prepared in the dry and hot the shop floor, regardless of the weather are better than assembled on site. Especially when the house is to be built in wood-frame technology, which requires contractors particularly high precision.

In the most advanced prefabrication, known as closed, which offers the company HfH Sp. z oo, walls – after completing the thermal insulation – are in the factory as a whole finished: the inner side slab or plasterboard Fermacell plate and on the outside – a layer facade made of polystyrene or mineral wool. The precast wall mounted or in a factory windows and doors, as well as prepares a place in all installations. It is also prefabricated roof structure. Elements of the roof structure adapted to the roof covering is assembled at the construction site. The house with an area of ​​100 square meters, in such an advanced prefabrication can be assembled in a few or several hours.


The company HfH Sp. with o.o preparing elements of the draft provided by the customer. We also offer the possibility to make their own projects, because we have appropriately qualified designers.

Duration of construction:

– Design and preparatory work (performance foundation walls finished parts): about 3-4 weeks *;

– Assembly of the raw state closed: 2-4 days *;

– Finish the house turnkey: 6-8 weeks *

* Depending on the size of the house.


The price depends on the standard of performance of the building. The house can be put in a raw state closed or turnkey version: the tiles on the walls, and often even with equipment kitchen and bathroom. Additionally included in the valuation is to transport bulky items delivered from our company to build.

Wood Quality

In our offer we use top quality wood KVH supplied from German factories by the company Rettenmeier and Ladenburger.

KVH – solid wood construction (Ger. KVH – Konstruktionsvollholz) is a modern construction and decoration materials with a very wide range of applications in construction and industry.