Ladies And Gentlemen,

The company HfH Sp.z o.o. specializes in the fabrication houses in the wood-frame technology, unwrought closed. Projects are their own and individual customers. We have many years of experience in manufacturing and construction of this kind of houses. The high quality of our production is certified by the German RAL and KIWA institutes.

The individual elements of the house such as: external and internal walls, slabs, roof trusses, etc. Are manufactured in our hall in Droszkowie near Zielona Góra, in always dry conditions, special tables assembly. They are characterized by a high degree of finish at the stage of fabrication. The outer walls have already mounted windows and located on the outer side of polystyrene or mineral wool with a primer layer of plaster. Embedded also Peschl tube for electrical installations. Such prepared elements are transported to the site. Installation takes them longer prepared to advance the baseplate and lasts approx. 1-2 days. After the assembly finishing work is carried out, the duration of which depends on the size of the house.

We invite you to cooperate with us!